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Water flour mill (Jander)
That was existed in every village and operated bymostly iron smith families till 1975
Traditional & socio agricultural activities

Grass cutting (Laitri)

....... Grass bringing

Storing ........... After grass cutting (laitri), it called PASSA

Corn plants cutting

Dry corn storing........ It called BAGGA

Dry corn storage (Bagga) covered with plastic sheet during rain and snow fall
Agriculture tools making shop........ This was existed in Circle Bakote late 80s
There are two generations, old and new. In Birote these shops were opreted by late Karam Alahi, father of Abdul Quddos of Maira and late Abd u Laeef of Nawli, Lower Birote.
An ass fall (گداگر) in Circle Bakote
They mostly came from Azad Kashmir 
till 1985, now these people washed off
Poultry & Dairy in Circle Bakote

Bohli (بوہلی) A recipe gift of old days 
 When cattle gave birth and owners prepared this recipe by thick milk and delivered it to all neighbors.
People recieved it and regifted sugar as returned.
Fauna of Circle Bakote
 A nest.... ALNA

It is a small size parrot called TOTI, appeared in mid of April
It is a big size parrot called TOTA
 Gotari of Circle Bakote

Brown Eagle, called BAZ or LUNDI

Awl is also founded in Circle Bakote
(For more details read this)

Saigh........ This animal defend himself with arrows by his body
Tredali....... This is a harmful fly, injects poison in her enemy body

Nest of this fly
Two kids eyes are swelling by poisonous fly biting
Fatal reptile in Circle Bakote
It called BAKREEN in local Dhundi Language
 Flora of Circle Bakote
local citrus fruit
 (Only in Kohsar and Azad Kashmir) called JAMBEER

Circle Bakote land also produce MASHROME in wet season Sawan. 
It called SUNDEAN in local language
Sweet home
Old styled house under construction, it called پہچھی

Old styled house that collapsed in Earthquake of 2005.

New type of house is under construction

Mud made water utensils were used before fridge and water coolers.
These had been taken on a wooden stand in courtyards till 1998

This is mud made open kitchen in courtyard..... It still existed, it called AALA.

House with separate animal room, that is started after 1975

Step by step houses, last house for live stocks, it called SERNI
 Lantern, that was used for light in Circle Bakote since 1914 to 1983
Gas lantern, this used on special event
It's light is brighter than a common lantern
since WW II to 1985 in Kohsar
  .......In Winter
Modern iron local made hearth that save heat and warm house

Traditional mobile mud made hearth

Open air iron hearth

Carocin oil stove is also used in houses, it was introduced during World War II

Grass Shoe, first human foot wear. This was used in Kohsar till 1980 to melt snow over roof. 
Modern Science proved that that shoes are the best treatment of Cancer. It called POOL in our local language. (National Geographic Gen, 1988)

Are you know what is this?............................. It called TRAMCHOORH, a BAILCHA that used only to remove snow outside roof. It is a unused tool for kohsareans because they have iron roofs or lintels but it used in remote areas of western District Abbottabad (not Circle Bakote).
An other kind of TRAMCHOORH 
That used in AJK for removing snow upperside of roof
Wedding traditions
Bride in bucket (Doli) leads to her groom house by his close relatives in a procession
Parents ADVICED to their bridal daughter at the time of leaving
 that YOUR DEAD BODY SHOULD BE LEFT WHERE YOU ENTER A HOUSE OF YOUR GROOM THIS TIME, as result marriages are mostly successful. 
Wedding and Funeral cooking

Natural Wells in Circle Bakote

These two are natural well constructed well, it called BAWLI

It is also a natural well but it called CHALAHRI in local language

Hanging natural water fall..... It called NARHA

...... And now... WATER SUPPLY SCHEME by pipeline home to home
Natural Wells with traditions is matter of past
Sports in Circle Bakote
(For more informations read Urdu article related to local sports by M O Alvi)
Five stones (Panj Geeta) domestic girls' game
Cock fighting

Cricket pitch at Hotrole, Birote Khurd

(To be continued)